You’re dealing with rage-fuelled abuse

Angry smothering is present!!!

Advice: Your angry martyr is weakening you

Your score suggests that there is an angry martyr relative in your life to whom you are in submission. You have given your personal power away to another and as a result of this domination, you will feel powerless, weak and trapped.

You are not a victim in your relationship with your angry martyr. It is your choice whether you want to be controlled your whole life to the extent that you are not allowed to follow your own path in life.

While your angry martyr may love you, it is a suffocating kind of love. This kind of love makes you weak because it prevents you from learning from your mistakes.

Unhealthy boundaries exist in your relationship between you and your angry martyr. You may need to learn the power of saying ‘no’ so that you can stand firm in your own personal power. You may need to escape the abusive situation until you have made your personal transformation.

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