You’re not dealing with rage-fuelled abuse

Just angry, or just a martyr…

Advice: Don’t accept unreasonable behaviour

Your score does not suggest you have an angry martyr relative who controls you into submission through attacks of narcissistic rage. You will know if you have an angry martyr relative because you are terrified of being yourself and following your heart in their presence.

If you in some way identified with the animation, it may be the case that your relative has anger management issues. When someone rages at you it is frightening and unacceptable. You could try telling this person how their rage makes you feel. If they continue raging, then it’s in your power to walk away.

You may also have identified with the controlling style of parenting in the video. This kind of parenting is unhealthy because it does not give you room to breathe so that you can learn from your own mistakes. It may be an expression of love, but it’s a smothering and restrictive kind of love that is based on fear.

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