You May Be Being Angrily Smothered

Boundary Crossing is Going On

Advice: It’s your life, when are you going to start living it?

Your score suggests that you may have a relative in your life who is overstepping your boundaries and weakening your personal power. There is a possibility that your relative uses rage attacks as a means to control you.

When you experience an attack of rage it is an assault to your dignity. To disrespect another person in this way can never be justified. If someone in your life is treating you this way, it is vital for you to reclaim your personal power by establishing healthy boundaries.

While your relative may love you, it is not a healthy kind of love. The kind of love you experience is conditional and smothering.

Establishing boundaries with your angry martyr does not mean fighting them back with rage. To shift your relationship into a more healthy space, you will need to learn the power of saying a firm ‘no’ to acts of control that are put upon you. It’s your life, and you get to choose how you are going to live it.

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