Congratulations! You Are The Black Sheep of The Family

You may feel as if nobody understands you

Advice: you’re the black sheep – so own it!

Your score suggests that you are the black sheep of the family. While you may feel as if you can do no right and that your family is against you, there is an upside to being the family outcast. Feeling as if you were an outsider in your own family throughout your childhood means that now you’re not afraid to be different and original.

The pain that black sheep experience comes from trying to fit in within a family that refuses to accept them as they are. Once the black sheep ACON (Adult Child of Narcissistic parents) accepts the role they have been given within the family and fully owns it, the black sheep is free to live their life as they choose. Your family may object to your lifestyle but at least you have the inner strength that is needed to live your life as a free, individual person (unlike your sibling(s) who only know how to conform).

As the black sheep of your family, you are here to express yourself as a unique individual. Try not to let your family of origin bring you down. Get yourself out there and find your own tribe of people who love and accept you as you are.

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