Too Bad, You Might Be The Golden Child

You may be the narcissist’s favourite

Advice: Grow a pair and lay off the black sheep of your family

Your score suggests that you are not the black sheep of the family. You are likely to feel a sense of belonging within your family and to share similar world views as your parents. While you may still be an ACON (Child of Narcissistic Parents), you do not play the role of family outcast within your narcissistic family nest.

If you are/were the favourite child of your narcissistic parent(s) then your role within the family is that of the ‘golden child’. The golden child can do no wrong in the eyes of his/her narcissistic parent(s). However, this privileged role comes with strings attached. As the golden child, your personality as well as the path you pursue in life is dictated by your parents to fit their vision of how you should be. You will feel under enormous pressure to conform and to live up to your parents’ expectations.

While the black sheep of the family suffers for feeling excluded and unloved, their role of being an outsider serves to mature them into free-thinking adults. Black sheep grow up into adults who know who they are, whereas golden children grow up into the image of their (narcissistic) parent(s).

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