You Aren’t Quite The Black Sheep

You may have felt ignored

Advice: Tell yourself you are loved everyday

Your score suggests that you are not the family outcast. Though at times you may have felt very alone, you did not occupy the black sheep role continuously within your family. In some families where there is a narcissistic parent, the roles of favourite and scapegoat switch around in constant movement.

If you feel that you fall somewhere in the middle between being the family favourite (the golden child) and family outcast (the black sheep) then your role in the family may be that of the lost child. The narcissistic parent ignores the needs of the lost child, rarely paying attention to their actions or accomplishments.

While the golden child gets positive attention and the black sheep gets negative attention, the lost child is starved of attention. This can mean that the lost child grows up to feel as if they are not important and that nobody cares for them. As an adult, the lost child will need to work on their self-esteem and potential perfectionism.

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