Are you the odd one out in your family who feels as if they can do no right? If you answered ‘yes’, then you could be a black sheep – the family outcast onto whom all problems and inadequacies are projected. Take the Black Sheep Test to find out if you are/were placed in the position of family scapegoat by your potentially narcissistic parent(s).

Count the signs that are true about you and your relationship with your narcissistic mother or father as we go along to reveal your black sheep score.

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Sign One – Messed Up
If you were to pay a penny for your mother’s thoughts, you’d hear, ‘THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ANY OF US, BUT YOU’VE GOT MAJOR ISSUES, MY SON!!!’

Sign Two – Bad Egg
When she’s done singing the praises of your siblings, she confides in the neighbours, ‘It breaks my heart to say it, but our Teddy is a good-for-nothing.’

Sign Three – Finger of Blame
Whenever something goes wrong in the family, she comes after you with her pointy finger. She can’t rest in peace until she’s kicked you down good and proper.

Sign Four – Memory Lane Put Downs
When fondly remembering the good old days she gives you subtle little digs: ‘When you all was little we had a lovely day at the zoo.. until Teddy wet himself and wouldn’t stop screaming and hollering.’

Sign Five – Absolutely Useless
‘What’s Teddy gone and made a pigs ear of now? Let me guess, he’s lost his job…He got a… promotion Well, I hope now he’ll take better care of his poor, old mum!’

Sign Six – Out in The Cold
As the head of the family pack, mother dearest decides who’s in and who’s out. Displease top tog and your siblings will freeze you out to starve in the wilderness of no contact.

Sign Seven – Liar Liar
Somehow she’s got it all rigged up behind the scenes so that when you’re telling the honest to god’s truth about what really happened, nobody but nobody believes you.

Sign Eight – Swapped at Birth (?)
The way she looks at you, it’s as if she doesn’t quite believe you’re her own flesh and blood. ‘Teddy, did anyone ever tell you look a bit Chinese… Only joking?’

How many signs were true for you and your narcissistic mother or father?


Low Black Sheep Score 1-2  CLICK HERE
Medium Black Sheep Score 3-5  CLICK HERE
High Black Sheep Score Score 7-8  CLICK HERE