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The nature of your upbringing suggests codependency

Advice: take a good, hard look at your boundaries

Your score suggests that you were raised in conditions that can lead to codependency. If you find that your relationships leave you feeling burnt out then this may be a sign that you are over-giving to the point of exhaustion.

Codependency is created in families where there is a conditional understanding of what it means to love. When love is conditional, it means that you are only loved when you behave in a certain way or else you are punished and love is withdrawn. Over time this teaches a child through negative reinforcement that in order to please their parents (and be loved) they need to be obedient and behave in the way that pleases their parents.

A person raised in a codependent environment may transfer the conditional model of love they internalised as children to their own relationships as an adult. When this happens, conditional love is used as a means to control their loved ones. The codependent will feel overwhelmed from giving too much, whereas the codependent’s loved ones will feel controlled or manipulated by the codependent.

Codependency Recovery
Codependents were taught the conditional model of love as a consequence of their upbringing. In order to recover from codependency, they must learn what it means to love unconditionally in relationships. This means that they must grow beyond resorting to any kind of manipulation. They must also develop healthy boundaries in relation to caring for others which means they must know where to draw the line in terms of their giving. Finally, codependents must learn to step back and let other people be in control of their own lives.

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