Seek Healthy, Boundaried Love in Relationships

The nature of your upbringing was low in codependent aspects

Advice: don’t use love as a means of control

Your score suggests that your upbringing does not strongly reflect a codependent parenting style. The way you were raised by your parents suggests that the love you received was not conditional (given or taken away depending on how you pleased your parents). As a consequence of their parenting style, you are more likely to have internalised a healthy, boundaried idea of love and relationships.

Codependency Protection
Codependent personalities are created when the expression of love by the parents is used as a means of control. While codependents may be generous and caring individuals, they tend to manipulate their loved ones, though their controlling behaviour is largely unconscious.

To protect yourself from attracting a codependent relationship it’s important to have strong and healthy personal boundaries. When your boundaries are in shipshape condition, it means that you don’t over-give and stress yourself out seeking to fulfil the needs of your loved ones. It also means that you never lose sight of who you are and your own needs when in a relationship.

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