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The nature of your upbringing suggests codependent aspects

Advice: it’s not your job to make everyone happy

Your score suggests that your upbringing in some ways exposed you to a codependent parenting style. If you find it hard to say ‘no’ to people and tend to put the needs of other people first, then you may have a codependent personality.

Codependency develops when a person was exposed to parenting that was conditional in terms of how love to the child was expressed. The child was taught that in order to be loved, he or she needed to please and obey or else the parent’s love would be withdrawn. As an adult, the codependent fails to realise that they tend to put the needs of others ahead of their own. By constantly putting the needs of others first, the codependent becomes stressed out as a consequence of taking on too much responsibility to serve others.

A Medium Score in the Codependency Test suggests that aspects of your upbringing reflect conditions that may create codependency in adults. A person raised in a codependent environment may transfer the conditional model of love they internalised as children to their own relationships as an adult. When this happens, conditional love is used as a means to control their loved ones. The codependent will feel overwhelmed from giving too much, whereas the codependent’s loved ones will feel controlled or manipulated by the codependent.

Codependency Recovery
Codependents were taught the conditional model of love as a consequence of their upbringing. In order to recover from codependency, they must learn what it means to love unconditionally in relationships. This means that they must grow beyond resorting to any kind of manipulation. They must also develop healthy boundaries in relation to caring for others which means they must know where to draw the line in terms of their giving. Finally, codependents must learn to step back and let other people be in control of their own lives.

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