Secret Narcissists are hard to spot. Look closely for the 9 signs of covert narcissism in your suspected narc. You may be surprised that some narcissists play the role of victim or martyr…

Low Score 0-3 Secret Narcissist Signs
Medium Score 4-6 Secret Narcissist Signs
High Score 7-9 Secret Narcissist Signs

The only way you can spot a secret narcissist is to know them at close quarters, at which proximity they do their most devastating damage. Watch out because these saintly fakes have two faces. Cross them and they’ll take you down when nobody’s watching, only to play the victim after.

Learn the 9 secret signs of the narcissist in your life. Count the signs that are true for your suspected narcissist as we go along…

Sign One – Gollum
Listen carefully to her words and see the outward facade of generosity go up in smoke. Everything but everything is hers: the children, the house, the dog.

Sign Two – Domestic Tyrant
There’s absolutely no question who wears the trousers in this house. Her word truly is law; but never in front of guests.

Sign Three – Secret Alcoholic
Living up to the standard of perfection demanded by the false public face takes its toll hence the secret stash.

Sign Four – The Chosen One
She is choosy in her self-sacrifice. There is only enough love for the golden child; her magnificent favourite.

Sign Five – Demon Face
Threatening the carefully constructed image of your secret narcissist unleashes the beast: the raging demon face – run for cover!

Sign Six – Angel Face
Her angelic face is the codependent lie lived by her in public. A significant investment of time and money is given to feeding it’s hungry pie-hole.

Sign Seven – No Empathy
Don’t try to waste your breath trying to get her to see your side of the story. She can’t see beyond her own self-serving demands or self-pity.

Sign Eight – Sentimental
The secret narcissist gets a kick from caring for the weak and vulnerable – at a distance. It’s a way of projecting self-pitying emotions. Trust me, she doesn’t give a shit about the baby duckling.

Sign Nine – victim status
The title of her memoirs will be: ‘They Were All Against Me.’

When you uncover a secret narcissist in your life, see how with their double-edged sword, they give with one hand and take back with the other. Take their gifts at your peril.

How many signs did your suspected secret narcissist get?


Low Score 0-3 Secret Narcissist Signs
Medium Score 4-6 Secret Narcissist Signs
High Score 7-9 Secret Narcissist Signs

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