The Depression Symptoms Test reflects how depression is experienced by people who stuff down their emotions and don’t allow themselves to feel their pain.

We tend to think of depression as being a period of intense sadness or grief in which a person can’t get out of bed in the morning. However, this is not the case for all people, for which reason depression is sometimes hard to spot.  When depression first occurs in this way, the person experiencing the kind of numbness described in the video may even be completely unaware that he/she has a problem and is depressed.

For people who are in the habit of suppressing their emotions, depression doesn’t tend to mean feeling intensely sad; it means not being able to feel anything. At first, you may be thinking that it is better to feel nothing rather than to feel sad, since at least this way we can function and get out of bed in the morning. While this may be so, the price that is paid for denying one’s painful feelings is that the lighter, positive emotions also become shut out. It means that even when good things happen, a person with the numbing kind depression cannot feel them.

Emotional pain can be scary and overwhelming to look at in ourselves. However, if we do not witness our emotions and call them up, they stay stuck. It takes courage to call up one’s emotions, particularly if we are in the habit of denying them, however, this is what has to be done if we wish to feel and be fully present in life once again.

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