Toxic Relationship: Red Flags Waving High in The Sky

Your love experience is hurting you

Advice: refuse to be a victim

Your score suggests that emotional abuse is present within your relationship which may be causing damage to your sense of self. If your relationship swings between highs and lows, then you may be in relationship in which emotional manipulation is present.

Your test answers indicate some red flag warning signs for emotional abuse. The reason for emotional abuse in relationships is because needs and feelings are not being openly and directly expressed. Emotional abusers live in deep fear that if they communicate what they want, they will be in some way rejected for showing a weakness or vulnerability.

An emotionally abusive partner is deeply insecure in relationships and cannot help but constantly test the devotion of their partner by playing games and rejecting them. Such game playing causes stress and anxiety for the victim of the abuse, who over time will have their sense of self eroded.

Surviving Emotional Abuse
The route to escaping emotionally abusive relationships is one of learning how to directly and clearly express your own needs. It is not possible to emotionally manipulated in your relationships if you clearly express your truth at all times. If someone is being unreasonable, then it means that you don’t stand for it. In this way you demonstrate that you are not a victim: you stand firm in your personal power.

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Low Score ZERO to THREE signs

High Score  SEVEN to TEN signs

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