Toxic Relationship: Red Alert!

You have internalised the idea that love is pain

Advice: free yourself from the toxic relationship yoke

Emotional abusers manipulate in relationships because they are not able to directly communicate their needs. They use games and emotional manipulation to gain control over their partners.

While emotional manipulators may on the surface appear powerful and in control, the reality is that they are insecure about the status of the relationship and for this reason continually test their partner with games and challenges. The victim of emotional manipulation will over-time lose their sense of self-worth from being made to feel as if they can do nothing right.

Surviving Emotional Abuse
The route to escaping emotionally abusive relationships is one of learning how to directly and clearly express your own needs. It is not possible to emotionally manipulated in your relationships if you clearly express your truth at all times. If someone is being unreasonable, it means that you don’t just let it go to keep the peace: you learn to speak up in order to draw a healthy, boundaried line of what is and what is not acceptable in your relationship. In other words, you don’t take any crap!

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Low Score ZERO to THREE signs

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