Low Toxicity Relationship

No / Few Red Flags of Emotional Abuse

Advice: clear and open communication all the way!

Your score reflects that you are not in a toxic relationship. Although you may at times argue with your partner, it would seem that when a problem arises you have the maturity it takes to talk through your problems in an open and direct manner.

Emotional abuse is present in relationships where needs are not directly expressed by one or both of the partners. Open communication is absent in emotionally abusive relationships because both parties fear rejection as a result of speaking their truth.

The clearest sign of emotional abuse in a relationship is whether the love experience hurts. If a person finds that they cannot function normally while in their relationship due to concern about their drama-filled relationship, then they are likely to be in a toxic relationship.

Surviving Emotional Abuse
The route to escaping emotionally abusive relationships is one of learning how to directly and clearly express your own needs. It is not possible to be emotionally manipulated in your relationships if you clearly express your truth at all times. If someone is being unreasonable, then it means that you don’t stand for it. In this way you demonstrate that you are not a victim: you stand firm in your personal power.

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Medium Score FOUR to SIX signs

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