Emotional manipulation happens when one or both partners in a relationship fail(s) to openly communicate with the other. What happens instead is that an under-the-radar form of communication takes over in which control is gained through playing with the emotions of the partner who is being manipulated. Emotional manipulation is a form of abuse which may trigger the manipulated partner into feeling needy, fearful of rejection or unloved. Watch the video below for 11 secret signs of emotional manipulation.  The more signs that are true for you and your relationship, the more you are being manipulated.

1 Eyes of Guilt
As long as you are in their bad books for whatever, you will be stared at with those guilt-tripping eyes.

2 Needy Silent Hugs
Your manipulator is unhappy with you. To make a point of this he wants the two of you to wallow in sadness together.
3 No ‘No’s’
When you say ‘no’ you have to justify yourself and even then you’re not listened to.

4 Feel Sorry For Me
“Nothing is good. Nobody loves me. Life is so hard when I don’t get what I want.”

5 Angry Silence
This one’s the oldest trick in the book: “You will feel my wrath which I cannot directly express in words!”

6 Twisting Things
“I’m rubber, you’re glue. Whatever you say, I’ll turn it back on you”.

7 Passive-Aggressive Denial
Your manipulator can never admit to being in a mood. It’s always, “I’m absolutely fine.”

8 Theatrics
And the Oscar goes to… Your manipulator for playing ‘Poor Little Me!’

9 Disappearing Act
He triggers your needy switch by becoming aloof and distant when he’s not getting his way.

10 Ghost In The Room
When there’s a problem about something you did, your manipulator emotionally checks out of the relationship.

11 Let Down, Again
Your manipulator plays games with your feelings through the subtle art of disappointing you. It’s as if he wants you to get angry and mad as hell, just so he can call you crazy!