Love Addiction Test

Love addicts are loving people. They want so much to love and be loved, but they’re only attracted to people who will push them away.

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There are 12 love addiction signs in the love test that do not belong in the experience of true, reciprocal love.

The painful truth is that every love addict has a broken idea of love because of the confusing, unloved childhood they experienced.

They’re constantly reaching for love, but the more they claw at it, the further it slips from their fingers.

Sign 1 – clingy

You constantly need to be touching your partner. You feel at peace only when you’re holding on to them for dear life.

Sign 2 – obsessive

When you’re in a relationship, all duties and responsibilities go out the window. Nothing else seems to matter except what your love object is thinking or feeling at all times.

Sign 3 – fearful and insecure

You’ve been rejected in love so many times that you’re constantly looking for evidence that your loved one is going to leave you.

Sign 4 – no boundaries

You’ve forgotten the meaning of ‘no’. No matter what you’re doing you will drop everything and everyone to be at your lover’s beck and call.

Sign 5 – denial

Your confusing relationship makes feel like a desperate mess and you are losing touch with the person you used to be – yet you’re still hopeful that you can fix this permanent rough patch

Sign 6 – one-sided love

In your relationship you realise that for all the love you give, you receive nothing more than stingy, unpredictable crumbs of love back in return.

Sign 7 – on and off again

Your love experience hurts so much that you keep running away from the head spin. You say that this time you’re done for good. Then 5 minutes later you’re begging to be taken back.

Sign 8 – ecstatic love

When reunited after a fight you are overwhelmed with burning love. You might even cry with happiness.

Sign 9 – attracted to complicated people

You always attach yourself to damaged people in need of healing. You consider it your job to make everything right.

Sign 10 – distant lover

Your loved one is someone who needs A LOT of space. You picked just about the worst person for the kind of soul-bonding love you long to experience. Your distant lover will never open themselves fully to you, or anyone else for that matter.

How many signs of love addiction did you get?


Low Love Addiction Score 1-3  CLICK HERE
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