Is your mom an angry martyr? Does she love you so much she controls your every moment and action? Find out about the signs of codependent parenting and narcissistic rage by taking the Angry Martyr Test. Count the signs that are true for you and your relationship with your narcissistic parent as we go along…

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Sign One – Puppet-Master
She practices the art of pulling your strings so that you dance your ass off dancing to HER tune. This clever handiwork is all to make sure that you NEVER make the mistake of following YOUR heart.

Sign Three – World on Her Shoulders
Life’s a heavy burden for the angry martyr who looks at the world as if it’s one big problem with your name on it. “What an ungrateful child!”

Sign Four – Absolutely Miserable
Your martyr is angry at life because they thought selfless work and service at your alter would bring contentment. Eh-Er. The universe doesn’t work like that.

Sign Five – Straight-Jacket Love
Your angry martyr’s devotion to you is bondage slowing smothering you to death. “Don’t ever leave me YOU PIECE OF SHIT.”

Sign Six – Blame Game
Angry Marytrs are ignorant folk. When something bad happens they find a convenient scapegoat to blame and victimise. “It’s all your fault.”

Sign Seven – Conditional Devotion
Your angry martyr is ready to kick you out of her her toxic love soup in a heartbeat. Her finger is constantly poised over your ejector seat – “So don’t you dare put a foot wrong.”

Sign Eight – Inconsistent Smothering
Wherever you find the biggest drama going on, your angry martyr will be there serving at the front line. This is why for months at a time she is sometimes too busy to rescue you. “OH SWEET RELIEF!”

Sign Nine – Mollycoddling
You’ve been out of daipers for 30 years but yet she still treats you like a child. Everytime she babifies you, this twisted s.o.b is taking away your personal power.

Angry martyrs are not just hard to love: they’re dangerous.

How many signs were true for your suspected angry martyr?


Low Angry Martyr Score 1-3  CLICK HERE
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