Love Hurts

You score highly for love addiction

Advice: learn to love yourself FIRST

Your score suggests that you may be a love addict. If you find yourself constantly grasping to be loved, tending to be involved with partners who reject you, then, this pattern is going to continue in your life until you first learn to love yourself. For every love addict, the solution to heal a broken, heavy heart begins with building up self worth.

Love addicts are needy and desperate in love. They come on too strong and too fast which tends to scare away the object of their affections. As soon as a love addict catches a whiff of a potential relationship, their own life purpose and goals get sacrificed in place of their painful, dissatisfying relationship.

Love Addict Check
If you find yourself unable to maintain a healthy state of mental balance when in a relationship, and tend to feel worse rather than better when you are involved with someone, then that’s a strong indication of love addiction.

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