You Know You Are Loved

You Are Not Needy in Love

Advice: Stick To Your Path

Your score suggests that in relationships you keep a level head and don’t lose sight of your personal goals and dreams. This is not something a love addict is able to do, since their lack of self-love causes them to be a desperate mess when in sight of a potential love object.

By keeping your own path in sight while dating or in a relationship, you stay true to co-creating the future of your choosing. You don’t allow desperation to be loved to come in between you creating the life that you deserve. Ultimately, with a strong sense of self-worth held at the core of your being, you attract partners who give you the love you deserve.

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You know that you do not suffer from love addiction if you are able to keep a balanced emotional state while in a relationship. Love doesn’t bring you pain because you know deep within that you are loved, and deserve to be loved in return.

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Medium Score One to Three signs

High Score Eight to Ten signs

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