Neediness Hurts

You Are Sometimes Needy in Love

Advice: Don’t lose sight of your needs

Your score suggests that the experience of falling in love at times knocks you from following your true path. If you find yourself side-lining your personal dreams and goals when involved in a relationship, it reflects poor love of self. Carry on this way, and you will ultimately be rejected and disappointed in love.

Love addicts want to be loved more than anything else in life. They are constantly on the hunt for love because they think it will make all their unhappiness in life go away. However, the love addict will never find the love their heart so earnestly desires unless they can first learn to love themselves.

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If you find yourself desperate for love – either on the hunt for a man or trying hard to keep him – this reflects poor self-worth. You will be rejected in love until you build up your poor self-image.

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