Take The Psycho Test to test the psycho in your life. Learn the 7 red flags of psychos so that you stay safe and don’t end up dating one…

Count the signs that are true for you and your potential psycho as we go along. The more signs you get, the more dangerous your psycho guy is!

Sign One – Stalking
Your psycho is lurking in the shadows. He knows where you are, he knows where you’re going and he’s standing outside the garden gate.

Sign Two – Freaky Gifts
Why give roses when you can give freaky, overly-personal presents as a declaration of your psycho love?

Sign Three – Stolen Mementos
Psychos like to make treasures out of your intimate belongings. Remember these words next time you can’t find your pink panties…

Sign Four – Basement Shrine
Stumble into his basement and witness in horror the shrine he has built in your name. Just make sure he’s not standing behind you…

Sign Five – Mr Jealous
Your psycho guy doesn’t like to share. He wants to lock you up away from everyone and everything, preferably in his dungeon.

Sign Six – Won’t Let You Go
You only went on one date but he thinks you had something really special together. You’re sorely mistaken if you think he’s going to let you get away that easily.

Sign Seven – Psycho Freakout
Catching a glimpse of his darkside is the mother of all red flags. You saw how out of nowhere he went psycho on you. Don’t allow for apologies, justifications or excuses : just get the hell out of there.

Now you know the seven red flags of dating a psycho. You have been warned!