How to Really Know He’s Not a Sociopath

Falling in love with a sociopath blows all other love experiences out of the water for its intensity. You feel such powerful emotions when in love with a sociopath that in the grand scheme of things, as a life experience, falling for a sociopath may even be worth it. You’ll have the most passionate encounter of your life; but you’ll also pay for the good times emotionally once your sociopath decides that it’s payback time.


Love never comes with a guarantee of happily-ever-after – there is always a chance that things will go wrong each time we open our hearts. However, if you happen to fall in love with a sociopath you can be sure that one day something will happen to burst your love bubble. When the bubble bursts you will realise that you have been living a lie and that your sociopathic lover love-frauded you.

People who have had the experience of loving a sociopath often remain bitter indefinitely once their love bubble has burst. They point the finger of blame at the sociopath for being a liar and see themselves as the victim in all. They don’t see that they allowed themselves to be hoodwinked in love. It was you who wanted to see an image of your own perfection reflected back at you so that is what your sociopath presented to you in a gilded frame. No matter what they did or said to convince you of that mirage, the buck stops with you and your need to see your own awesomeness.

The truth is that what you experienced was perfect, for a time. When you fall in love with a sociopath you are falling in love with yourself reflected back at you. The sociopath you fell for was a mirror showing you exactly what you wanted to see. However, the illusion cannot be sustained forever and at some point your sociopath will start to extract their pound of flesh in payment for all the good feelings they have supplied you with. This is the point where the relationship loses its glow of perfection.

Real love is not a talking mirror that agrees and supports you in everything you say. Real love is not meeting a person who is the same as you; it’s meeting someone who challenges you at  times but who loves you anyway. Therefore, if you want to be sure that you don’t have a sociopathic lover, all you need to do is look for the differences between you underneath all the surface charm. Try to remember times where you disagreed on a point or where you expressed different future desires about the meaningful things in life. If you’re still not sure, look closely to see how mirrored your body language is to each other’s. If you find your lover copies your body language in a way that is almost creepy, this is a good indication that you may be dealing with a sociopath.

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