Sociopath Quiz – Have you Fallen in Love with a Sociopath?

Sociopaths are people who cannot reciprocate love. They will take it and feed off it but you will not get any love back. Everything they do puts themselves and their own needs first. Knowing how to spot a sociopath can save you from a lot of pain and hurt. Learn the sociopathic signs so that you don’t get conned in love.

Sign 1 – The sociopathic stare

He stares at you with a burning intensity that seems to penetrate to your soul. Nobody has ever looked at you this way before, you feel so desired but really you are being watched and sized up as prey. When the moment is right, the sociopath will strike.

Sign 2 – Big Love

Sign 3 – Soul Mates

Your guy is your mirror. You’ve never met anyone before who is so much like you and who shares all the same beliefs and dreams. What’s happening here is sociopathic mirroring. He’s showing you what you want to see, and you are falling in love with yourself reflected back at you.

Sign 4 – No Boundaries

You have never encountered such emotional openness before – he wants to deeply connect. He’s hungry to know everything about you and he trusts you enough to open up and share his painful past (but this is only so you pity him and bring him even closer).

Sign 5 – Fast Love

Things are moving very quickly. He proposes after a week. And after 2 weeks he’s moved in with you.

Sign 6 – Absolutely Great Sex

Sociopaths do not experience shame or guilt. This means that anything goes in sex. But be careful you don’t get attached here because he will never be able to love you back and meet your needs at all.

Sign 7 – Electrifying Charisma

Your sociopathic guy will often be enthrallingly charismatic. They have an intoxicating energy about them at first that is easy to get addicted to.

Sign 8 – Vampires

He has so much charisma and energy because he steals it from the people in his life. Sociopaths are not able to give energy to others. This means that they suck and feed on the lifeforce of their prey. They will extract every drop of love or money that you have and they will take it and then leave you with nothing.

Sign 9 – Perfect Future Lie

It’s a warning if when you’ve only just met him he’s talking about your perfect future together. He’s deceiving you with the promise of commitment by using lots of ‘we’ statements; ‘When we have children together we’re going to be amazing parents’. This is a trick to win your trust and devotion.

Sign 10 – Mask Slipping

Sociopaths are shape-shifters. They will play the role you want them to play, for a time. Eventually the mask will slip and you will witness the monster within. You can hardly believe what you’re seeing… You’re confused and shocked… But you keep giving them just one last chance.