Lightworker Initiated

You Have Experienced Spontaneous Spiritual Awakening

Advice: stay strong, don’t accept the crazy label

Your score suggests that you have experienced the disorienting, confusing but yet ecstatic experience of spontaneous spiritual awakening. As a consequence of the radical shift in perception you have undergone, limiting programming and beliefs you once had have been shed. The process is a spiritual rebirth. You will not be the same person on the other side of this experience. Great epiphanies about the meaning of life will transform the way you live your life and will guide you to grow towards the light.

Spontaneous spiritual awakening can however be an isolating and potentially dangerous time. This is because the kind of experiences the lightworker / mystic / shaman has during the initiation process are not understood by those who have not themselves been awakened in this way. As a consequence, in the wrong circumstances or cultures, the initiate runs the risk of being medicated, hospitalised or being given the crazy label for life.

If you have experienced the signs of spontaneous awakening, know that you are not alone on your journey.

LightWorker Initiation Check
Lightworkers are here to raise the frequency of humanity and to guide others how to live their lives with an open heart. NOTE: if the ‘psychosis’ experienced by the lightworker is of a violent or harmful nature, then, the symptoms of psychosis are not of a spiritual nature.

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