It’s Time You Woke Up!

You Are Not Yet on The Path

Advice: open your mind

Your score suggests that you have not experienced spontaneous spiritual awakening. You are not likely to have experienced altered states of consciousness through which you have downloaded spiritual truths. You may still be living in the dream world.

When a person goes through the disorienting process of spontaneous spiritual awakening, he/she may feel as if he/she is going crazy. The process of spiritual awakening transforms the person’s life and values and the initiate becomes a lightworker as a result – someone who lives their life with an open, clean heart. This can only happen to a person through direct experience when they have received teachings and realisations as a consequence of their personal spiritual path.

The experience of spontaneous spiritual awakening is dismissed by those that are still asleep as ‘nonsense’ or as evidence that a person is crazy. For this reason lightworkers tend to keep their mystical experiences private.

Those who have experienced spontaneous spiritual awakening are advised not to take advice from those who are asleep and still in the dream world.

LightWorker Initiation Check
Lightworkers are here to raise the frequency of humanity and to guide others how to live their lives. NOTE: if the ‘psychosis’ experienced by the lightworker is of a violent or harmful nature, then, the symptoms of psychosis are not of a spiritual nature.

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