Follow The Path To The Light

You Are Awakening From The Dream World

Advice: life your life with an open, clean heart

Your score suggests that you have experienced some signs of spontaneous spiritual awakening. This may mean that you are on the path towards the light – becoming a lightworker who is here to raise the frequency of humanity.

Heightened states of perception and unusual spiritual experiences are not to be feared: these experiences happen in order for you to change your beliefs about the nature of reality. It is through these disorientating, confusing but yet ecstatic experiences that the lightworker learns to live his/her life with an open, clean heart for the good of all, not just self. Each of the strange, mystical experiences is a teaching. Integrate the teachings you receive to grow further towards the light.

People who are not themselves awakened do not have an open mind when it comes to the signs and symptoms of spontaneous spiritual awakening / lightworker initiation. It is these people who may give you the ‘crazy label’. These people are asleep and do not know how to live their lives with an open, clean heart. They may be ‘nice’ or ‘good’ people but they are not lightworkers.

If you have experienced the signs of spontaneous awakening, know that you are not alone on your journey.

LightWorker Initiation Check
Lightworkers guide others to live with an open heart from the heart space of unconditional love. NOTE: if the ‘psychosis’ experienced is of a violent or harmful nature, then, that is not following the path towards the light. The person is not undergoing lightworker initiation.

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