Your Karmic Baggage Score is High

Pain Is Not Love

Advice: what is your mirror telling you?

Your score suggests that you may be involved in a toxic soul mate relationship where there is heavy karmic baggage. Staying put in this karmic relationship because your strong connection to your love feels as if it is ‘meant to be’ or because it is magical should become a lifetime’s excuse for tolerating abuse or unhealthy relationship patterns.

Toxic soul mate relationships are more than anything painful opportunities for soul growth. These painful relationships find their way to us so that we may learn about ourselves and heal our deepest of wounds. We may not get what we want from our love experience – happily ever after – however, should we choose, we can use the hurtful love experience to move forward in our lives having learnt strong lessons. NOTE: just because it is a soul connection doesn’t mean you will be together forever.

The pain you experience with your toxic soul mate is your teacher. Do you want to go on experiencing this forever? – Of course not, so ask yourself what YOU need to change to move forward.

Remember: love is drawn to love. If your partner is not giving you the love, support and comfort your heart desires, then you are not yet ready to receive that love. You still have more lessons to learn and more karmic baggage to clear.

Toxic Soul Mate Check
You know that you are involved in a toxic soul mate connection if you are drawn to a person who pushes all your buttons in the wrong way. You find that he two of you can’t get along in peace, but yet you desire to be with this person and there is a highly charged sense of connection between you.

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