You Are Not Toxic Soul Mates

Maybe you’re just toxic!

Advice: give yourself a break and flow on 

Your score suggests that you are not in a toxic soul mate relationship. If you find yourself drawn to a person who presses all your buttons in the wrong way, but yet there is no sense of a ‘magical’ or ‘special’ connection between you, then, this is just a dysfunctional relationship that isn’t good enough for you. You need to move on.

In the case of toxic soul mates, due to the magical nature of their connection, one/both of the partners may cling to the relationship way past its sell by date because of the sense of destiny or fate that is experienced between them. However, if any relationship brings you pain and not love, then, this is evidence that it’s not working for you. It doesn’t matter how magical it is: it’s not right. You will have to let go and flow on.

When there are no magical experiences present but yet you find yourself attracted to someone who also brings up a sense of repulsion in you, you are being shown a mirror to childhood patterns that need to be cleared. Just like in a toxic soul mate relationship, the dysfunction of your situation is an opportunity for learn about yourself. Ask yourself what this person is doing to make you so wound up? – They could be a mirror for the parts of your shadow that you cannot accept about yourself.

Toxic Soul Mate Check
You know that you are involved in a toxic soul mate connection if you are settling for anything less than being loved in a relationship where there is a strong sense of destiny. If there is no destiny, just fighting, drama and rows, then you’re just regular toxic.

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