You Have Some Karmic Baggage To Clear

You are not compatible

Advice: is this relationship good enough for you?

Your score suggests that karmic influences may be present in your relationship, simultaneously creating a push-pull dynamic in the sense of attraction between you. You are drawn to this person but yet you realise that your relationship dynamic is unhealthy. The issues arising between you are unresolved karma that you are in need of processing.

Toxic soul mate relationships are there to teach us about ourselves. From the suffering and drama we can choose to learn lessons that shape our future. If you don’t want history to repeat itself again, look at your dysfunctional relationship closely and ask yourself what you need to learn.

Your goal is to be loved. If your toxic soul mate relationship is giving you drama, misery and suffering then you are denying yourself happiness in this life by clinging on in hope. Just because you have a deeper or ‘special’ connection than you have otherwise experienced in relationships, if the relationship isn’t working, you can’t fix it or heal it all by yourself. You can’t make another person grow.

Where karmic connections are present, it can be difficult to let go. However, love should not hurt us. The pain is showing you what you need to purge in order to manifest a future good karma soul mate relationship (once your healing is complete and karmic baggage is cleared).

Toxic Soul Mate Check
You know that you are involved in a toxic soul mate connection if you are setting for anything less than being loved in a relationship where there is a strong sense of destiny.

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