Potential Soul Mate Union 

Signs of a cosmic relationship

Advice: open your heart as much as you can

Your score suggests that you may be in soul mate relationship, though it seems that you have not yet found your twin flame. Soul mate relationships are similar to twin flame unions in that partners are able to deeply connect on a soul level. However, the key difference between them is that the twin flame relationship is built upon unconditional love, which means that there is no game playing or drama in their relationship.

Twin flame unions do face tests and challenges in their relationship, however the twins approach these problems with open hearts and constructive mindsets. Twins do not use problems as a means to manipulate and control each other.

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Twin flame unions exist on a higher plane of love where there is no control of the other, game-playing or manipulation. If there is any kind of power-play for control in your relationship, then you are not in a twin flame union.

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