Did you think soulmates were all flowers and love hearts? Well, you haven’t met your ultimate bitch soulmate yet..

You’re hurtling through the cosmos shoulder to shoulder with your soul family, waking each other up across lifetimes to remember who you really are.

Your cosmic mission is to evolve towards love – easier said than done in this world of separation.

When you get stuck not remembering what we came here to do, your soul family doesn’t just stand aside while you abort the mission. They send in the heavies to wake you up – the hard way!

Shit’s really about to go down when you cross paths with your ultimate bitch soulmate – a she-devil who comes in to wreck your life.

But before you scratch her eyes out know this: above all the drama here on the earth plane, she’s one of your besties.

You really can’t stand this nasty piece of work now, but ultimately all will be forgiven. She’s just being the ultimate bitch to you now so that you remember.

Want to know if you’ve met your ultimate bitch soulmate? Learn the 5 telltale signs…

Bitch Be on The Brain
You don’t want to think about her anymore. You want to be so over what she did but still your thoughts return to her. Again and again. What a bitch!

Funhouse of Shadows
Looking at your she-devil is like seeing your ugly, monstrous reflection in an carnival mirror. Dare to open your eyes she’ll show you your dark side dancing.

Electrifying Tension
Put you two in the same place and just watch as the air begins to charge with tension. It’s just a matter of time before a tiny spark lets off a roaring conflagration. neigh-nor neigh-nor Everybody out!

Worthy Nemesis
It doesn’t matter how wrong you think everything about her is – she’s your equal. You can fight her until your dying day but still that bitch will come back at you to take another jab. Ain’t nobody gonna be winning this war.

Same Story, Different Bitch
So you got sick of all the drama and blocked the she-devil from your life. FAIL. That might not have actually have been the solution your soul was looking for. Try again this time with a new bitch – yikes!

Now you know the 5 telltale signs you’ve met your ultimate bitch soulmate. You can’t run and you can’t hide from her but you can learn strong life lessons.