Did a second spirit swap lives with you? Take the Walk-In Soul Test to find out if your original soul has already fled your body in this lifetime.

A walk-in soul is a soul that takes the place of the original soul in a person’s body. It happens because the original soul has completed it’s earthly mission and ascends. Once the souls have exchanged places, the new soul is ready to begin with a new soul imprint and mission in the original host’s body. NOTE: the conscious identity of the host body is not aware that an exchange of souls has taken place within them. The host body’s identity knows that a great change has taken place within them, but is not consciously aware of what is happening at a soul level.

Sign One- Near Death Experience
You experienced and survived your death. You have no remaining fear of death.

Sign Two- Past Life Remembrances
You know that you are an old soul who has lived many thousands of lifetimes.

Sign Three- Metamorphosis
There was at least one period of total transformation in your life. You know in the fullness of your being that you are not the same person now.

Sign Four – Movie Memories
The traumatic memories from the time before your soul walked-in no longer hurt you. Remembering past pain is like watching a character in a movie.

Sign Five – Soul Crisis
You have experienced a major depressive episode. From this time of soul crisis you learnt to shed beliefs and patterns that were no longer serving you.

Sign Six -Black Sheep
You love your family of origin but it is as if are strangers to each other.

Sign Seven – Soul Family
You have deep bonds with a soul family. You are aware that you have spent many previous incarnations with your soul family.

Sign Eight – Skin Shedder
There is so much soul evolution happening for you in this life. A new layer of yourself is constantly being revealed.

Sign Nine – Fringe Dwellwer
You feel uncomfortable living within the constraints of society. You found a way to escape.

Sign Ten – Every Second Counts
From the moment your new soul walked in you have been on a mission to fullfil your soul’s purpose.

Thanks for taking the Walk-In soul test. Now let’s get back to work on soul mission number two!

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